You will LOVE this Cute and Cozy Pallet Swing Bed

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You will love this cute and cozy pallet swing bed, and you can make it yourself. This is one of the many cool diy pallet projects you find online and make for your home. An outdoor swing is always a great idea. They provide more support than a hammock, and it's much more relaxing to swing in a swing than just to sit in a regular chair. Perfect for a hot summer day when a nice breeze will help to cool you down, even just a bit. The pallet swing bed you see here even has pillows on it, making it even more comfortable to sit on, or maybe even lay down for a nice nap in the afternoon. Building with pallets is a great way to save money on materials, and since you can often find them for free, you'll probably end up spending virtually nothing on your fun diy projects. First of all, you need to get yourself one or two pallets that are in good shape. Check your local grocery stores or big box stores; they will probably give them to you for free or for a low price. They usually stop using them after their items are delivered on them, so it's better they get put to good use rather than going to the landfill.

1. When you have two pallets at home, start by cutting one of the pallets in half to use as the back support. Cut along the center, back piece of wood to split it in half.

2. Then, sand your pallets and cleaning them up as best you can. You just want to take off any grime and smooth out any slivers.

3. If you want to go ahead and paint your pallets or stain them, now is the time to do it. Lay down a drop cloth and paint it your chosen colour, then wait 24 hours for it to dry completely.

4. Once the pallet is painted and dried, you will attach the pieces together to make the seat. Place the smaller piece behind the larger piece, so they are touching lengthwise.

5. Screw a few long screws into the back of the vertical pieces on the back of the seat into the back of the pallet that is laying on it's side. This will make your pallet bed nice and sturdy.

6. Then, you'll also add some rope for more strength. Make sure it's heavy duty nylon rope that can hold a lot of weight. Drill a hole in the top of the back of the seat, and out through the front too, lace the rope through the holes and tie a knot, the rope should make an 'L' shape and hang down the front of the seat. Drill another hole halfway down the second pallet, down through the surface of the seat and horizontally out through the middle piece of the pallet. Lace the other end of the rope through and tie it tightly in a knot. Repeat on the other side.

7. Do the same thing for the hanging ropes by drilling a hole down through the top board of the seat pallet and then through the backboard, add a knot and repeat on the other side. Drill the same kind of holes at the front of the swing's seat to prepare for the final steps.

8. Now to hang the swing from a tree or heavy duty ceiling anchors. Please use caution when hanging your swing and make sure you hang it safely. This also works best with two people. It helps to rest your swing on a saw horse or a table so you don't have to have someone hold it up the whole time. Get up on a ladder and take the loose ends of the rope that are attached to the back of the swing from the string in step 7, and loop it around a really strong tree branch or ceiling anchor once. Tie a knot to secure it to the tree. Repeat on both sides.

9. Lace the rope through the holes at the front and tie a secure knot, repeat on both sides.

10. Grab any cushions you have and put them on your swing, or make some homemade cushions to make the swing more comfortable, and it's ready to lounge on.

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