You will not believe how easy it is to build this GORGEOUS pallet dining table!

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Building with pallets has become increasingly popular, you can even build yourself furniture out of these recycled materials. You will not believe how easy it is to build this gorgeous pallet dining table. With the added interest in diy pallet projects, there are more wood pallet ideas online than ever. All you have to do is Google "wood pallet ideas" and you'll be provided with a ton of amazing tutorials and projects. This gorgeous pallet dining table is the perfect thing to make with some pallets you find. You can find these pallets at local grocery stores and big box stores like Walmart, and there are people who sell or give them away for free through craigslist and Kijiji. So gather yourself some good, new pallets and get started on making a beautiful wooden pallet dining table.

1. Start out by stripping two full pallets of all the wood. The easiest way to do this is to take a crow bar and pry off each of the boards one by one.

2. Once you have the pallet frames stripped of all the wood place them together, end to end, and take some of the long pieces of lumber and screw or nail them on both pallets on either side of where they join together. This will stabilize the joint, resulting in a sturdy table.

3. Now, you can add your legs. Cut four pieces of thick lumber to the same size, which is usually about 29 inches for an average table height. Since this table top is thick, you could make the legs a bit shorter depending on how high you want your table.

4. Attach the legs by screwing them into the table top. You can also add two legs in the middle of the table if you like, to make the table extra sturdy.

5. Now comes the fun part, arranging the pallet wood on the table top. Before you nail it down, make sure you have taken some time to wash and sand the pieces of wood to even them out. Sort through them all and find your favourite pieces, lay them out on the table frame the way you want to fix them to the pallet frames. There should be some over lap of the pieces of wood, just like there is on a regular dining table

6. Glue the pieces of wood in place with some wood glue before you nail them, and then nail them into place.

7. Flip the table over onto its top and fix some pallet boards to the bottom of the table frame to finish the look.

8. Before staining or painting, make sure you go over the table top with an electric sander to even the surface out. It may be a little bumpy no matter what, but this adds to the rustic charm of the table. You can also add a border of 40mm x 19mm wood on the outside edges to frame the table top nicely.

9. Once the sanding is done, clean your surface with a tack cloth to pick up any dust and dirt, and then apply your preferred stain colour all over the table. Allow this to dry over night or at least 24 hours.

10. Apply some poxy resin to have a glossy finish, or a matte or satin finish for a more natural look. This will also protect the wood from water damage.

11. Wait a day or two for the finish to dry completely and then you can enjoy your new table.

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