Your PET can CALL YOU from home! Amazing!

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These days there isn't much you can't do when it comes to technology. But have you ever video called your pet? It might sound far-fetched, but this amazing new gadget called PetChatz® allows you to call your pet at home while you're out. It lets you see your pet through a camera on the device that's attached to the wall at your pet's level, and it also allows your pet to see you on the screen on the device. That's pretty great all on its own, but the device even has a PawCall™ accessory that you can purchase separately which lets your pet video call you by pressing a button on the floor. The device connects to an app on your smartphone, tablet or your computer so you can see and hear your pet and so that they can see and hear you. All of the video footage is in real-time HD quality so you will have high-quality video and voice every time. This innovative technology makes it so easy to connect with your pets at home who otherwise wouldn't be able to answer the phone or call you. So it really would make our lives easier, and it would help us feel close to our pets when we're away from home working or travelling. Of course, this shouldn't be a substitute for a pet sitter while you're away for longer periods of time, but it would work for while you're at work, or away for one night.

The PetChatz® also gets animals to use all of their senses when interacting with the device. So they implemented a screen where they can see you, voice sound so they can hear you as well as a chime that goes off when you call. There's also an area where you can dispense treats from the device with the touch of a button on your phone as well as an area where you can put essential oils for aromatherapy. This would be awesome if your pet tends to get lonely while you're at work or they have anxiety or separation anxiety issues. Since our pets are happier when they are able to interact with us, this app would be great for bonding and staying connected while you're out of the house. People have tried this new trendy app that's supposed to make our lives easier and more fulfilled, and the reviews are pretty good. Most people say that their dog or cat loves it and that they come to the device when they call.

If you don't want to attach the device right to your wall, you can also buy a stand for it to be on. This is great for those who are renting and can't make too many marks on their walls. So what everyone usually wants to know especially when it comes to trends like this is, how much money does it cost and is it worth it? The PetChatz device costs $350 on its own and for this price you get the device that provides you with two-way video chats, a treat-dispenser, the aromatherapy, a sound and motion detector and you'll be able to stream DogTV. It's also compatible with PawCall, which you can use for interactive gaming, and so your pet can call you. You also get a 60-day money back guarantee so if you don't like it or your pet doesn't use it, you can get your money back. There's also a 1-year warranty which is great too. You can also save 5% when you join their mailing list on their website too. So if this seems appealing to you, watch the video from the PetChatz YouTube channel and visit their website for more information.***

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