Yummy Chicken Salad

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We’ve been reading so much about Yummy Chicken Salad recipes, we’re gonna have to take an early lunch! Luckily, there’s some leftover chicken in the fridge, perhaps even some mayonnaise too; but to make this particularly mouth-watering recipe from Kat’s Kitchen, we may still need to go to the store to buy a thing or two. No worries at all – it will be worth it!

If you love chicken salad sandwiches as much as we do, you might have wondered where chicken salad comes from. We’ve done a little research and we can tell you chicken salad originated in Asia! The Chinese were the first to dice the chicken and mix it up with yummy spices, veggies, and dressings.

Chicken salad became a popular item in Europe too. And here it was often combined with all different kinds of sauces and dressings, from the simplest to the most complex. And sometimes chicken salad was served without any dressing at all! In both Europe and Asia, it was often added to pastas and grains as well. You could have chicken salad with couscous, noodles, or rice, for example.

Do you know the story of how chicken salad arrived in America? Well, in 1863, there was a man by the name of Liam Gray who lived in Rhode Island in a little place called Wakefield. Mr. Gray ran the neighbourhood “Town Meats” store and one day he had a surplus of leftover chicken. Totally on a whim, he added grapes, tarragon, and mayo to it. This mixture became so popular with the locals, good ol’ Liam Gray had to turn his meat shop into a deli!

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