Yummy Mexican Pizza

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Enjoy this Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe that takes an Italian food, pizza, and adds the joy and zest that you can find in Mexican cooking. This Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe is a great blend of the flavors that you would find in two cultures. What a great idea, and what a great way to explore the flavors of two cultures at once! So enjoy this Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe tonight with the family. This recipe is also a quick and easy one to make, and it will make a filling dinner dish.

This Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe uses tortillas for the crust, and then layers on meat, cheese, and other ingredients. Another tortilla is put over this combination of ingredients, and then that layer is topped with cheese and so on. It is a great layering that provides loads of good nutrition and great flavor. Everyone will enjoy this layered, meaty and cheesy, Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe. You could make it for any night of the week, or even for lunch, although a big one. This Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe offers a super blend of protein from the meat as well as the cheese, carbohydrates from the tortillas (and you could use whole wheat tortillas) and additional nutrition from the other ingredients. This is a filling and great comfort food for you and the kids as well as anyone else who might drop by for dinner tonight.

This Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe combines all the fun of pizza with the flavor of Mexican cooking. So there is a great combination of meat, cheese and tomato that is flavored along the lines of Mexican food. Tortillas are substituted for the traditional bread dough that you would usually use to make an Italian style pizza. So that means a bit of crispness in the bite whereas the traditional Italian style pizza dough would likely be more soft and chewy. As well, of course, there is plenty of seasoned beef in the recipe and loads of cheese. This is comfort food at its best. And the great thing is that at two o’clock in the morning, this Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe still comes together pretty quickly and easily. So you can make it at any time, from scratch, and with super ingredients.

If you wanted to do so, you could even make up a huge batch of the meat part of this Yummy Mexican Pizza recipe, and freeze it. Label it clearly and also include where the rest of the recipe can be found. Then, if someone does want to put it together late at night, or when the rest of the family might not be around, they are already half way there!

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