Zesty Lemon Coffee Cake

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Why not try you this Zesty Lemon Coffee Cake recipe and see how you and your family enjoy it? A coffee cake was traditionally a less sweet coffee cake recipe, often made with no frosting, or, at least, not a rich one, and at times made with a sprinkle on top, or a streusel, or a light glaze. This particular coffee cake recipe is interesting because it provides two ways to make the cake (although bars might be a more appropriate name for this treat since the cake rise is not high, especially if you make a gluten free version of this snacking cake). This cake also includes the use of raw sugars (organic and raw) in the coffee cake recipe. This practice of putting organic together with gluten free is a common one, which is a bit odd. There appears to be an assumption that if you are eating gluten free goods, you must also be eating organic ones, although there is no correlation necessary between the two types of eating practices. Many people eat gluten free because it upsets their digestive tract and they have any where from a moderate to extreme sensitivity to the consumption of gluten goods. Organic practices really have no place here.

In any event, this coffee cake recipe combines organic and gluten free baking. You might like to try it for a change of pace. Gluten substitutes, here brown rice flour, tapioca starch and potato starch should not be assumed to be necessarily healthy choices. As you can see from this list, two of the three ‘flours’ is a starch. Some people who switch to a strict gluten free diet can actually gain weight from the practice because complex carbohydrates can be difficult to get in good forms.

The crumble or streusel that goes on top of this snacking cake can also be made as a gluten free product, simply by substituting the rice flour for the regular flour in the recipe. One tip to remember about gluten free products is that they taste best when they are eaten fresh from the oven. Even with all the advancements in how to blend various ingredients to create gluten free flour, the combinations still usually result in an inferior product.

The final glaze calls for some added lemon juice as does other parts of this snacking cake recipe. Be sure to use fresh squeezed lemon juice, which is much better than anything out of a jar, even if it is organic. Fresh squeezed lemon juice really does impart a fabulous flavor to your baking. Enjoy this simple and quick cake, and make it with the gluten free flour if you have not tried it before.

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