Zesty Mexican Chicken Stew

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Your best family recipes usually start with a great dish that you have made before and that all your diners love. Great food ideas come from recipes we have previously cooked or from ones we have just discovered. This Mexican recipes for chicken from the kitchen of Ingrid fits the bill. It is easily a great addition to your good family meals that include recipes you have been following for many years. If you are a fan of the spices that go into many Mexican food recipes then this recipe from Ingrid will be one of your favorites. Yes the best family recipes usually flow from food ideas you come across.

Many recipes you find online or in cookbooks usually come from people who have experimented with different flavors and cooking methods. Just like all the recipes you come across this one from Ingrid was inspired by something she had eaten or had seen in another recipe. We use recipes for inspiration and you should take this recipe and if you are not fond of

chicken then use beef, pork or leave the meat out altogether and make a vegetarian version. So never feel that any recipe you come across and want to cook cannot be altered to fit your own or your families health or taste concerns. Every recipe should be made to fit into your needs whether they are nutritious choices or cooking methods. You are the ultimate decider and if you say something stays then it does and vice versa.

Stews are a great way to blend veggies with meat and with spices that match the type of food you are creating. Usually stews are prepared with meats that are a little tougher and that need long cooking times to help break down all the connective tissues that make the meat hard in the first place. Making any stew recipe is not too complicated since all the ingredients cook in one cooking vessel whether that is a slow cooker or a durable pot with a thick bottom. Usually you will brown the meat to seal in the flavor and once you have done that the rest of the ingredient sand spices get placed in the pot and everything takes a slow and long cooking time to make sure all the flavors blend to a wonderful mix. Stews are not only tasty but they are great candidates for keeping in the freezer and if you store them properly can stay at least a month or more in the freezer without causing any problems to the dish. Just always make sure to store it properly and try to get out as much air as possible before sealing them up.Mexican flavors are great for stew since they are predominantly on the spicier side and go great with a lovely rice. This recipe for stew will make a great first dish and if you pair it with a fresh salad you will have a perfect meal. Thanks to Ingrid of The Cozy Apron for this yummy Zesty Mexican Chicken Stew and bon apetit.**

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