Zucchini Fritters

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These Zucchini Fritters with Chili Lime Mayo will keep the family near by until they are ready to serve, so make them on a night when you want every one at the dinner table. And make plenty because every one will want to eat their fill of these treats. Fritters are a fabulous food that seems to be made in every culture. Simply put, fritters are usually some kind of dough that contains a filling and then is deep fried, or at least, fried in oil. And the topping is fabulous, as well. This recipe offers a fun twist on this ancient food.

The recipe suggests that, if you do not have lime, you could substitute lemon. Do not do this. Lime has a very special flavor that is entirely unique and quite different from lemon. Although both are heavy citrus fruits, they do not taste the same. And lime is perfectly suited to this dish of fried zucchini. And the lime and paprika that goes in to the mayonnaise as a dip for these fritters is absolutely perfect. Do not alter it.

These Zucchini Fritters with Chili Lime Mayo are easy to make. You simply grate the zucchini, add the seasonings, and fry. The result is well worth this little bit of effort. And you must admit that, when a dish appears in almost every culture, it must have some kind of universal appeal. And that is the case with fritters. These fritters, made with zucchini, offer a modern twist on a very traditional and wide spread food. Book mark the page and be sure to try them soon. They will become a late night staple, mid day treat and in demand food by your family.

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