Zucchini Noodle Skillet Lasagna

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This recipe for Zucchini Noodle Skillet Lasagna offers a great alternative to the usual ground beef skillet lasagna. It suggests that you use turkey, which tastes quite different from beef in any dish, or make it vegetarian. Either way, consider using full fat or at least partial fat cheese to improve the flavor. Frankly, fat free cheese simply does not carry the flavor or texture that a full cheese does. Simply cut the pieces slightly smaller to account for the increased fat and calories, and serve this dish with an all greens salad that has a lot of fresh garlic and lemon. The complementary flavors will encourage eating of the salad and the bulk will help satisfy eaters without having them over eat the skillet lasagna.

This is a great recipe chock full with good green veggies including both zucchini and spinach. There is little better food that you could eat than plenty of fresh greens. And they always cook up easily. Zucchini is generally one vegetable that even finicky eaters will eat (along with broccoli) and spinach wilts so small they won’t even notice its inclusion. The recipe notes that these greens could be optional, but add them in. They simply bump up the level of nutrition too much to exclude them here. As well, there are several great cheeses that add plenty of great calcium, magnesium, protein and other good stuff that you can be pleased to feed the family. And kids need the calories, so don’t use the fat free stuff. The list of seasonings may seem long, but just set them out in the order of their use so you do not miss anything when you make this dish.

This is a great dish that really comes together quite quickly once you have made it once or twice. Every one will like the twist of turkey over beef, and the greens make it delicious and nutritious. Try it soon.

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