Zucchini Pizza Boats

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If you have been searching for great recipes to make use of the zucchini you have lying around then look no further. You now have a great addition to your zucchini dishes that can also be included in your quick and easy zucchini recipes list. There are many healthy zucchini recipes out there and this one can qualify for inclusion. Even if it does not qualify for your own personal health requirements list then don’t worry because as with all recipes you can adjust them to fit your specific needs. With all the zucchini dishes out there and all the wonderful recipes you will find one that comes close to your needs and with some minor adjustments can fit the bill exactly. Every recipe that is out there is always capable to become a healthy one and it doesn’t take as much effort as you might believe. To make the recipe an addition to your healthy zucchini recipes list will only take some creativity and some effort. If you consider the goodness that comes from taking something less healthy and making it healthier you will quickly realize any recipe can be made to be better for you and your diners. Of all the quick and easy zucchini recipes out there this one from the kitchen of Jaclyn can be a prospective addition since it does not take long to prep and cook.

Zucchini are the squash we all have seen and probably eaten for many years. There are zucchini plants that are slightly different from one country to the next but they only look different since the zucchini itself is pretty similar in texture and taste. You can find the Mediterranean variety that is large and dark green and is included in many fried, boiled or steamed recipes. They all have the same fleshy center that is wrapped in a dense and thick outer skin that can either be left on or discarded. Many of these are great when peeled but that is not always necessary since if you decide to fry them the skin actually helps to keep the center intact. You can find striped and yellow ones but the most used is usually the dark green variety. These delightful squash are great on their own or in a soup but they can also make great vessels for things to be stuffed into them as with this recipe from Jaclyn. Anyway you decide to prepare them will work and they are strong enough to take frying without disintegrating and hold up great under high heat in the oven.

These specific boats in this recipe are a great way to include your kids in the planning and making of the meal since the ingredients mirror pizza and not too may kids will say no to pizza.Always try to get your diners involved in the selection of ingredients and spices and you will be better off.Thanks to Jaclyn of Cooking Classy Blog for this yummy Zucchini Pizza Boats Recipe and bon apetit.**

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