Zucchini Tots Mini Fritters

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According to the web site blogger and recipe creator, these pretty fritter hail from the Greek Island of Alonnisos. Where ever they come from, Greek Zucchini Tots Mini Fritters are a great snack, work fabulously for lunch, and can accompany many supper dishes, too. They taste great, are really nutritious, and every one will enjoy them. They take a bit of time to prepare since you do have to grate the zucchini and allow it to drain for a bit of time to let the liquid drain (to improve the frying), but just make them on a day when you have a bit of extra time to spend on lunch or dinner. Or, just make them in the evening for a late night snack for the family.

This dish comes with a dip that is also terrific. The recipe says that this dip is optional, but do not skip it. The flavor in this blend is really good, in no small part because of the lemon and mint that goes in to the yogurt, which is the primary ingredient in the sauce. Another tip is to leave the garlic that is used to make the breading for the zucchini before you fry it sitting for a minute or two before you add heat to it or lemon juice. That simply allows all the goodness of the garlic to be exposed to air, which lets the goodness in garlic get to work.

The batter for this zucchini is superb, and does not take a lot of time to prepare. If it is your first time to make this dish, still double it. Every one is going to simply adore this dish. Do not skip any of the ingredients, since each one makes a unique and important contribution to the over all flavor of these Greek Zucchini Tots Mini Fritters. Enjoy this dish alone, with a great green salad, or as part of a larger meal.

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